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Our Latest Work.

A low cost playground, worth a million smiles, constructed out of recyclable scrap tires for underprivileged kids to enhance development of imaginative and gross physical abilities. The playground is located in Disha Seema Care Center, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. We express our gratitude to Michelin Tyres for having faith in us, and are deeply obliged towards our Alumni for being a huge part in making this a success. A word of thanks to our batchmates and juniors for helping us with this DIY project.

Our Mission.

We are aiming at "interactive learning environments in public spaces with a primary focus on sustainability"


Creating play spaces for children where they gather, interact, learn and develop.


Adaptive reuse of scrap tires leading to cheaper construction of playgrounds.


Awareness of 3R concept.

Who Are We.

Our premise stands on a strong pile foundation of creating a PILE from piles of garbage.


We are looking at revitalizing diminishing public spaces by engaging in collaborative projects that involve mobilizing the community to bring about change at their doorsteps, themselves.


There are fewer and fewer efforts in interactive space designs that can make people disconnect from their virtual world. Unused spaces, streetscapes, parks, public plazas can become the hub for community interactions at large if properly planned.


Our target audience consists not only of children, for whom we envision a new knowledge revolution through space design, but also of the elderly, the disabled, and the disengaged public catered to by constructing enabling environments that encourage awareness, discussions and meetups.


The problem with traditional social spaces for interaction is that they have been marred by traffic, congestion, pollution, lack of greenery and over population. With a focus on the 3R concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we attempt to create sustainable, long lasting and impactful solutions.

Our Rockstar Team.

Our team comprises of five passionate architecture graduates (IIT Kharagpur B.Arch 2015) who have also been individually working towards coming up with architectural solutions to emerging problems in society.


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